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At INTERIORS inc. we know every space needs a good base. From residential to factory, real wood to concrete, functional to just plain beautiful we will have the solution you need to make your space work.

Indigenous and exotic wooden flooring

indigenous and exotic wooden flooringSolid wooden flooring come in a variety of specimens, treatments and finishes. The enduring quality of wooden floors have for centuries proven their durable and timeless appeal that can be used in a multitude of settings to create a sense of comfort, warmth and luxury.

Engineered Wooden Flooring

engineered wooden flooringEngineered wood is a cost effective alternative to solid wood flooring. A thin veneer of your chosen natural wood upper is expertly amalgamated to an engineered base to create floors that look like the real thing.

Laminated Flooring

laminated flooringLaminated flooring is a popular way to get that real wood look using the latest synthetic materials. These floors are durable and can be more widely used throughout your home. The enormous range and finishes available to our clients will leave you with so many options you’ll want a different look for every room of your home.

Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooringVinyl has come a long way from your grandmothers kitchen to the 21st century with a myriad of different styles, colours and applications, Vinyl is always soft underfoot and particularly effective for noise reduction. This is one of the most exciting flooring solutions we offer and due to the high speed of installation is a quick solution for those wanting a new look like, yesterday.


carpetsCarpets are a classic choice for making any space feel warm and inviting. We offer carpet solutions for luxurious living spaces to high traffic areas that need harder wearing weaves. Our wide selection of natural and engineered blends make your floor the perfect base.

Carpet Tiles

carpet tilesCarpet tiles can be used in a wide variety of ways and are the easiest to replace if damaged by wear or if stained. Thus we offer a wide range of carpet tiles that will suit any space.


tilesWe do professional installation of all tiles from wall to floor, indoor to outdoor. Our experienced consultants can source any style or any material to make sure your floor is tiled just the way you like it.

Tile Rejuvenation

tile rejuvenation

Sometimes all your old tiles need is a bit of TLC. From commercial to residential our restorers will come to you to work out whether your floors are able to be saved. If they are we will leave them looking and feeling as good as new.

The type of material you choose to cover your floor can be affected by considerations like noise insulation, cost, comfort, cleaning effort and durability. InteriorsInc supplies all types of flooring in Steyn City, Emmarentia, Hyde Park, Northcliff, Parkhurst, Westcliff, Fourways, Houghton Estate, Rosebank, Melrose, Sandton, Waterfall Estate, Bryanston.


Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Home

With interior design taking the centre stage, one needs to have all areas of every room done right. One of the most crucial areas of the room is of course the flooring. You can have different types of flooring in the same home as long as they are appropriately chosen. When choosing the type of flooring for the room you have to consider certain aspects. You will need to ask yourself what the purpose of the room is and how many people access it.

Bedrooms are largely meant for warmth and comfort. They are also private settings and so you could choose to have them fitted with carpeting for warmth and comfort. The wide range of colours will also allow it to blend-in with the rest of the décor. For people who have allergies, one could opt for something else like vinyl or wooden floors in the bedroom. You can have vinyl in the kitchen also because of its easy maintenance. Due to many spills and water, vinyl is good since it is easy to clean. Laminate is also ideal for the kitchen because of its easy maintenance.

Carpet is also great for the dining room and the lounge. This is because the area is large and the carpeting is easier on the budget. However, hard wood floors are equally good though expensive when it comes to maintenance. Most people will choose wood for the hallways and carpets for the stairway and the landing. Wood is the least suitable flooring for the bathroom area because of the high moisture and humidity. Luxury vinyl tiles are ideal for the bathroom as they are safe from slipping and for easy maintenance.


Rather than taking the chance of choosing yourself, it’s best to consult a specialist like Interiors Inc, who specialise in flooring, curtains, blinds, shutters, wallpaper and kitchens in Johannesburg.