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Blinds custom made and fitted

We guarantee great service at the best prices.

  • Venetian blinds: 50mm Basswood, 25/35/50mm Aluminium, 50mm Plaswood, 50mm Bamboo
  • Vertical blinds: Fabric, Blockout
  • Roller blinds: Blockout, Double roller/Vision blinds, Sheerweave and Fabric
  • Roman blinds: All Fabrics and Bamboo
  • Panel blinds: Bamboo, Fabric
  • Outdoor patio blinds: Fabric, Sheerweave or Canvas
  • Motorised blind solutions

Which blind is right for your space?

Figuring out what type of blind is right for your home/office is critical to the overall harmonic and aesthetic balance of a room (and your pocket). There is a different type of blind to fulfil every need, weather you need more or less light, privacy or something that is just aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some points to consider when choosing your blinds:

  • Light control – a Sheerweave blind lets the light in, a blockout blind keeps the light out
  • The level of privacy required – are you on a busy street? or are your neighbour far from your windows?
  • Visual aesthetics – Earthy, modern, homely or functional
  • Cost – Do you need bulk blinds for an office? or do you want something of excellent quality and durability?

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There are many different styles of blinds available

Venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds are a horizontal blind which can both pivot to adjust the light setting, or alternatively can be pulled up completely. Basswood venetians are wooden blinds that are most commonly used in the home setting (decor tip: White basswood venetians are hot for 2016), although they are also perfect for those swanky boardrooms. Our plaswood range is visually similar to our basswood blinds although these blinds are meant for heavy moisture environments such as bathrooms or kitchens. For a cheaper alternative 25/50mm aluminium blinds are perfect for office blinds. Aluminium blinds are also good for people who are renting and who need window coverings but do not want to break the bank.

Roman blinds

These Roman blinds are ideal for rooms such as the dining room, bed rooms and living room. Roman blinds are perfect for room if you want to control light levels, maintain privacy, insulating a room and also for visual aesthetics because they come different colours. They have a cord or chain that’s used to lift and lower the blinds.